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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations For The Parents

No school can achieve its mission without the total Participation of parents. The interest and involvement of Parents consist in their effort to understand and support the objective of the school.

Parents are requested :

  • To be the living examples of the values they teach their Children.
  • To send their child in proper school uniform.
  • To see that they are punctual.
  • To see that they come to school with necessary books and stationary.
  • To see that they abide by all the rules of the school.
  • To encourage them to participate in co-curricular Activities.
  • To go through the hand-books of their children every day as the school sends messages, notices and reportsthrough it.

Parents are requested to participate in the growth and Development of the school. Regular parents’ and Teacher’s Meeting are held to keep parents abreast of all the development related to their wards and also growth of students.

Suggestions made by the parents in a co-operative spirit Are always welcomed and will be given due consideration. Note : Fees details can be collected from the Office/Accounts section at the time of fees payment. PARTICIPATE WHOLE HEARTEDLY, IT IS YOUR FURTHER WE ARE NURTURING.


School living certificate will be issued on a written request along with the fees. The students seeking admission in other schools. Must apply before 15 days in advance. School living certificate will be given after the student Procures a No-Dues certificate from the class teachers and the accounts section.


All holidays declared by the government of M.P. will be observed by the school. Written information will be given from time to time. Last working day of the month will be a closed day for the students and the parents can meet the teachers from 9:30 to 12:30 P.M. on that day.

Bus Facilities

At present the school has buses playing in different parts of the city transporting children from home to school and back. The bus route can be obtained from the office. Identity cards shell be issued by the school for Pre-Primary Children.

Rules for Bus Service

If there is any vacancy in the bus and the residence of the students is on that route, they are only entitled to avail the bus facility.

Prescribed application form for bus facility can be obtained from office and deposited duly filled.

If bus facility is opted, please deposit the bus fee as per Rules at the cash counter.


Once the bus facility is availed of, it can’t be terminated Expect under unavoidable circumstances. In any bus does Not ply due to sudden mechanical failure or any other Reason, parents will be responsible for escorting the Children to and fro.

Parents shall be responsible to bring and pick their children from the fixed stop.

PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST THE DRIVER TO BRING THE BUS UP TO HOME. It is not possible to provide door to Door bus facility.

In any case the decision of the Principal will be final.