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Aims and objectives

Aims and Objectives

To provide all round development to the children.
Individual attention is given to every child and our aim is to educate them as per their will, tendencies, habit attitude and liking.
Life skills are taught compulsorily for character building.
In the beginning, children are taught to use their parts of body in the right way to develop the mind fully and to understand the social behaviors etc.There after they are prepared mentally and physically towards qualities like intentness, self – reliance, boldness etc. for forthcoming education.
Time to time biographies of great men and their teachings, main events of the country and abroad, to keep themselves away from malice, enmity, not hurting and to strengthen the unity and integrity of the country etc. are taught to the children which help them for augmenting their good character and dedication towards nation.
Games, sports and P.T. exercises are organized to provide sound physical development to the children.
Additional attention is given towards extra-curricular activities.
To project the school through participation of students in games and other activities at local as well as national level.
Guiding children to write a good legible hand writing.
There is an atmosphere free from fear, punishment etc. in the school. After creating feasible atmosphere, children are motivated to learn independently.
Children are often taken on education tours. Picnic, Educative movies in order to widen their knowledge.
On Saturdays in addition to usual academic periods, special P.T. and competition in cultural and co-curricular activities are organized.